About the Creator

Hey there! My name is Kirsten and I made my first version of Tipsy Tiles when I was in college. Since my boyfriend and I were both cash-poor college kids at the time, I often gifted him homemade presents – painted coolers, flasks, bubba kegs, and the like. By our junior year, I had exhausted my enthusiasm for painting plastic, and decided to fashion a personalized Jenga game with its rules and designs based off inside jokes, memories with friends, nicknames, truth-or-dare challenges, whatever I could think of. It was a huge hit with his fraternity and gradually grew from my original 50 rules to over 300.

I started this official venture in the late summer of 2020, channeling my quarantine time, job anxiety (I work in travel), and energy into something fun to spice up game night. Armed with hundreds of wooden tiles, sharpie pens, and an official brand trademark, I decided to share the game I had fashioned in college with a larger audience. I loved the notion that I might make other people laugh and bring others together once we are all vaccinated.

I initially launched with three-themed sets: “Classic”, “College”, and “Bachelorette”, each game catering to a different audience. Each handmade set has 90 unique rules and tiles, plus the option for customization. In December, I released “Home for the Holidays” which launched as my first family-edition game. Lately I have been focusing my time, mastering the art of laser engraving which should help me avoid premature carpal tunnel. Looking to 2021, be on the lookout for three new arrivals this year: a “Vintage” edition, a “Couples Date Night” edition, and a "Ladies Night" edition.

No matter what set you choose, I hope you love playing this game as much as I have loved created it.

Lots of LUV,