How It's Made

When I started this official venture in the late summer of 2020, I made Tipsy Tiles sets entirely by hand. I worked with a fantastic artist on Etsy who helped me design stencils for the 335 rule fonts you see across the Classic, College, Bachelorette, and Home for the Holidays Sets, not to mention the Expansion Packs. Pairing a good glass of red wine and a few sharpie pens, I would spend hours fashioning each set - stenciling each design onto each wooden tile.

These days, I have thankfully automated the process so I can focus more of my time creating new sets and finding partnerships for Tipsy Tiles. In 2021 I adopted a laser engraver and named him Bruno. *said in a thick Italian accent* Bruno takes all the designs I have compiled for each Tipsy Tiles set and burns them onto each wooden tile. Bruno can more than triple the weekly output I was making by hand. And I love him for it.

Wood burning also means that the tiles are much more resilient against your raucous gaming. Go ahead: spill that tequila shot, knock over your friend's beer. The tiles will still look sharp the next morning.

Once Bruno burns the designs onto the fronts and backs of the tiles, it is time for packaging. I do a quick spot check to make sure your set has its 90 rules. Then I nestle the tiles into their box and wrap them up to send to your door.