How to Play

NAME A RULE KEEPER - Before you stack the tower, name one group member to be the keeper of the rules. This person officiates the game by reading the rules that correspond with each tile drawn from the tower. In my opinion, the game is most fun when players are kept in the dark up until the moment they select their tile.

KICK OFF THE GAME - Stack the tower. Select the second-best looking member of the group to go first. That player must select a tile from the tower and choose either the top or bottom phrase. Once a phrase is selected, the Rule Keeper will then read the corresponding rule from the rule sheet. The player must carry out the rule and then promptly replace that tile to the top of the tower. The player to their left goes next. And so on, and so forth.

EXERCISE YOUR DISCRETION - Have fun with this. If you don't like a rule, skip it or change it! The whole idea behind this game is to encourage a raucous night. Make it your own.

SPICE UP YOUR SET - Each set comes with 90 rules that I've fashioned and vetted over countless tequila-infused games. There are also 3 blank tiles included so that you can add your own rules. But if you find yourself hosting Tipsy Tiles nights each and every weekend, the rules may become a little familiar. Feel free to spruce up your tower with one of my Expansion Packs.